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Alexander Timofeev

Rails and Ruby developer, Front-end Architect

Since 2005, I’ve been building websites in various capacities, primarily utilizing Ruby on Rails technology and specializing in front-end development. Attentive to details and very self-organized, I’m successfully working from my home office for over 5 years, always delivering on time. For my next challenge, I'm interested in a full-time remote job as a Ruby on Rails Engineer with direct involvement in front-end development.

Technical skills

I completed my first project on the second branch of Ruby on Rails in 2010, and have been unconditionally in love with the framework ever since. Due to our strong relationship, I consider myself an expert with its ecosystem. I'm highly skilled at not only using but also contributing to some popular (and not so popular) gems for various tasks. I have created gazzilions of applications from the ground up, some of which are being actively used today.

In all of my projects I have used: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB databases, Thin, Unicorn and Puma application servers. I have deep understanding of RSpec and TDD approaches. Big fan of GitHub, I use it on a daily basis, and deploy via Capistrano.

Instruments and technologies

Used actively

Rails, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript/jQuery, CoffeeScript, HTML5, HAML/Slim, CSS/SASS, Compass, Git, GitHub, Capistrano, SSH, Unix/Linux/OSX, Nginx, Unicorns, TDD, RSpec

Used when needed

Sinatra, Middleman, Node.js, MongoDB, SQL, Sidekiq, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Thin, Puma, Cucumber, BDD, Agile

Used, but mostly forgotten

Prototype.js, Scriptaculous.js, Apache, Passenger, PHP, SVN, Mercurial, FTP, OpenVZ, Dovecot, Postfix, IMAP, Bind

Work history

CODE RED (Full stack engineer)October, 2011 — present

Created an advanced multi-user blogging platform with Ruby on Rails 3.2 from the ground up, which included live commentable posts and photo feeds, user and role management, integration with social networks, and banner ad management. Developed an advanced Medium-like style content publication system, a warehouse management system, and an online store.

RubyHire (Founder, full stack engineer)May, 2011 — present

Organized a collaborative working environment for more than 300 RoR developers from the post-USSR countries. Developed and implemented functionality for publishing profiles and portfolios, both in Russian and in English.

LiveInternet (UI/UX, Front-end)July, 2005 — May, 2014

Envisioned, developed and implemented unique ideas - including design, mark-ups, programs, optimization, and support - for everything that concerns or is connected with front-end and UI of one of the largest blogging platforms in Russia. Developed designs and markups for various email newsletters. Improved designs and mark-ups for the mobile version of the site.